The partnership transforming digital pharma

Published: 6 Months agoNews

Pharma enterprises have a uniquely complex set of challenges when it comes to launching products in the digital space. As their digital partner, customers look to PharmiWeb Solutions not just for pharma marketing expertise but also for the global delivery of digital solutions.

As Rob Williams, PharmiWeb’s Technical Director explains, “Large pharma enterprises are governed by strict regulations in terms of their hosting facilities, plus there’s the security aspect around highly sensitive content of immense commercial value.”

Emerging data visualization and interactive technologies also bring in a raft of performance factors around the rapid, robust worldwide delivery of data-intensive, rich-media content. The challenge is to offer a technology infrastructure platform that provides the performance, availability, scalability and security needed – and in the simplest terms, the solution is partnership. 

PhamiWeb has formed a three-way alliance with Rackspace and Akamai to deliver a high-performance, versatile infrastructure to serve customers operating in over 60 countries worldwide.


“The Rackspace Dedicated Environment offers the best-in-class solution for our industry,” says Rob. “When innovation is required, Rackspace always come up with a solution that works.”

With an expanding global footprint of offices in Australia, the United States and Germany, PharmiWeb decided to open up its offering to patients too – driving a need to implement high availability across the network and boost resilience. An early priority involved a customer project that required improved remote infrastructure, especially to Australia – a key market for this customer. Incorporating Akamai helped deliver the capability to accelerate and improve the user-experience across the web in a scalable and secure way.

Rackspace and Akamai worked together to leverage each other’s global platform capabilities, almost immediately realising an acceleration in page-load times in overseas markets – down from 6-8 seconds to just 2 seconds. It’s also enabled PharmiWeb to achieve its performance goals of scale, speed and security for clients, without needing a costly upgrade of local infrastructure.

Rob notes how successful this is proving in terms of performance. "One of the things I'm seeing with Akamai is the acceleration providing a better performance than we were actually seeing from remotely located infrastructure in the region."


The ability for different partners to leverage their individual centres of expertise is key to the future for internet users.  

Jake Carey-Rand, Manager of EMEA Cloud Partners at Akamai: "In the cloud space we have an integrated offering with Rackspace where customers can take advantage of Akamai's capabilities and Rackspace at the same time. So, it's kind of a best-in-breed for customers of both."

Rob agrees, “We don’t need to have AWS or Akamai experience in-house because Rackspace provide that to us in spades. They are great communicators, make implementing new ideas easy, always do a consistent job and help us keep costs under control.”

Another key aspect is Rackspace's unique ability to leverage relationships across the market, according to Rob, giving the example of one client who was moved into an AWS architecture with Rackspace Fanatical Support layered on top.

The partnership is already considering migrating more clients to the Fanatical Support® for AWS (FAWS) model – as well as exploring infrastructure as code, with Rackspace DevOps for increased productivity, responsiveness and elastic scalability. For PharmiWeb clients, this could help release the potential for data visualization techniques, and emerging interactive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to create ever-more sophisticated digital propositions for audience engagement in healthcare.

David Wood, Account Director at PharmiWeb Solutions sums up the impact for customers, describing digital infrastructure – the hosting, support and content delivery - as the backbone of what PharmiWeb delivers to its clients.  "They are reliant on us to take care of their websites being up, being fast and being secure," he says, "As we deliver more and more data-intense, rich media we need to be able to supply that as easily and speedily as a website with static content. Our clients need to know their digital partner has the technical infrastructure to allow that to happen."

If you would like to find out more about our partnership with Rackspace and Akamai or would like to build your own fast digital ecosystem, please get in touch.