EMWA Conference (Birmingham 2017)

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The European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) is a professional network that “represents, supports and trains medical communicators in Europe.” It was founded in 1989 by a small group of biomedical communicators. Today EMWA has grown to over 1000 members in 39 different countries. Across the pond, a similar organisation exists: American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). 

The EMWA Professional Development Programme offers training workshops for Medical Writers looking to broaden their skill set in a number of key areas: writing in English, statistics, drug development, medical communication, and clinical trials. The programme is a great way to begin or develop your career in Medical Writing. 

Medical Information (MI) is a training workshop led by Rabiah Mirza (which took place Saturday 6th May 2017, Birmingham). The workshop is designed to increase awareness and knowledge of MI within the pharmaceutical industry, providing Medical Writers an alternative option in their career (otherwise known for Regulatory Writing or Medical Communications). An MI department will exist in every pharmaceutical or medical device company to answer inquiries coming through from healthcare professionals (HCPs) or the public. Common questions relate to safety (adverse events), drug interactions, and unlicensed use of products. The material is created by Medical Content teams who are supported by MI teams to review and provide insights from local markets.

The current workshop focuses largely on the creation and maintenance of medical standard responses. These documents are standard answers to every day questions such as ‘What is the incidence of gastrointestinal bleeding with Product X?’ Frequently asked questions can be reused across multiple markets with the regional prescribing information added separately. In this manner, participants will see how content flows from global to regional teams to drive efficient processes across multi-functional teams. Finally, the importance of technology is considered and why companies should invest in a system which can manage content, inquiry, contact and reporting effectively to deliver a high quality customer service.   

Interestingly, PharmiWeb Solutions are provided with slide decks created during congress to create interactive visual aids (IVAs). Due to the time pressure during congress, content teams act to transcribe final posters into slide decks with some navigation. To maintain the company’s performance and reputation, it is imperative that the product teams are utilising the most current data when interacting with key opinion leaders. As a congress nears end, there is much urgency to educate medical science liaisons and sales representatives with the new findings. Therefore, some companies act to provide data within 24 hours post-congress to meet the demands of HCPs, patients and the industry.

With medical content now incorporated on a digital platform, it will be appropriate to include IVAs into the workshop in the near future. The development of content continues to evolve, and so it is important to consider how the digital arena is transforming communications between pharmaceutical representatives and HCPs. As always, medical content must be accurate, fair and balanced to allow HCPs to gain any true value – thus requiring the input from Medical Writers!

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