British Swiss Chamber of Commerce: Digital Visualization & Virtual Reality

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Becki Ahmed

Marketing Lead

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On the 30th October, 2017, the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) met for the International Pharmaceutical Forum hosted by Shire at their offices in Zug, Switzerland.

With the significant number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies based in the region, the BSCC arranges quarterly international pharmaceutical forums to debate topics relevant to the industry.  For this quarter’s forum, PharmiWeb Solutions CEO, Paul Hartigan supported by a team of in-house experts presented Digital Visualization, including feature demonstrations on Data Visualization and Virtual Reality. 

Data Visualization is the means to communicate complex data/information through interactive graphics and to explore data to find new insights and patterns.  When tailored to a specific communication task, it can result better user engagement, more efficient knowledge transfer, and better retention of key messages. The challenge of expository data visualization is about refinement at the individual graph level, as well as cohesiveness as a whole to deliver a compelling storytelling experience.

PharmiWeb Solutions, Data Visualization and Scientific Communications Lead, Ryo Sakai, took the forum through two history anecdotes from 1850s in the UK, and shared lessons learned from several projects, highlighting opportunities and novel applications of data visualization for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

The next generation of intuitive interactions with data, messaging and content can be harnessed through Virtual Reality’s immersive world.  In an increasingly information led industry, it can be difficult to break through the noise.  To name a few uses, Virtual Reality can enable exploration of complex data sets, create mechanism of action experiences, build patient empathy and support training.  Colin Halliday, Solutions Delivery Director from PharmiWeb Solutions, demonstrated the power of integrating Virtual Reality into your existing strategy whilst mapping into your Customer Relationship Management system.  He showcased how a field representative can journey through data visualization, mode of action and deep dive into relevant medical studies.

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About the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce

The British Swiss Chamber of Commerce helps businesses grow. We are an international group, with members from many different industry sectors – backed by some of the biggest brands in Britain and Switzerland. We offer an open forum for debate, networking and access to key decision makers and influencers and welcome members from all sectors and nationalities. We are proud that our members come from all types of companies, big and small, established and start up. We enjoy hearing what our members are doing and welcome everyone to get involved in the everyday life of the chamber.


Becki Ahmed

Marketing Lead


Becki has over 7 years’ experience working in digital marketing in pharma, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing Management.  Her specialties include marketing communications, strategic campaign management, and CRM.