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Becki Ahmed

Marketing Lead

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PharmiWeb Solutions Innovation Roadshows featuring Veeva Systems

As the Veeva technology stack continues to evolve, it is crucial to have the right partner to help you maximize your investment.  This year, PharmiWeb Solutions held a series of interactive roadshows featuring Veeva across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

The PharmiWeb Solutions Innovation roadshows were a unique opportunity to learn about our latest work in collaboration with Veeva.

Led by our Solutions Delivery Director, Colin Halliday, attendees were shown how to integrate exciting new technologies like Virtual Reality into the Veeva System and connect with the rest of the multichannel ecosystem.  A demonstration of an end-to-end HCP engagement life cycle was presented to show how a field rep may journey through the system.  This journey was then displayed via an enhanced engagement timeline via Veeva’s latest offering, MyInsights.

Feature presentations were given by Veeva experts from across the globe.  They discussed how the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system should be at the heart of your multichannel journey, the commercial benefits alongside deriving real value for your sales teams.

In a recent article, our Data Visualization and Scientific Communications lead, Ryo Sakai, looked at getting under the skin of digital analytics. Often off-the-shelf solutions do not provide the in-depth understanding needed to gain true insights.  Veeva MyInsights and other data visualization services are part of the continued evolution in business intelligence.

The Virtual Reality demonstration gave delegates the opportunity to “feel” what patients experience alongside immersive Mechanism of Action through animated models.  In a recent Decision Resources Group study, they found that more than 50% of physicians would like to use Virtual Reality to learn about new treatments and conditions or at medical conferences.

Sarah No, ViiV Healthcare said “We have been seeing VR application in many different contexts, but with a gamified feel it’s been hard to imagine its application in Pharma. It was great to see and play with a live example of how VR could be used for visualization of scientific data.”

Karen Scheffler, GlaxoSmithKline said “The Roadshow is a great way to not only learn about potential Veeva enhancements, but to see live demos of some of these enhancements.  It is important that as an industry, we continue to explore new ways that technology can help us impact our customers.”

PharmiWeb Solutions is a fully certified Veeva Partner and has provided digital solutions within in the Veeva Environment for over 100+ tactics across 7 brands this year alone. 

Do you need support maximizing your Veeva Investment? Be it new technologies or deriving value from your current instance - Get in touch to chat with our team.


Becki Ahmed

Marketing Lead


Becki has over 7 years’ experience working in digital marketing in pharma, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing Management.  Her specialties include marketing communications, strategic campaign management, and CRM.